Become IPTV Reseller

Are you looking for an opportunity to make thousands of dollars? (IPTV resellers do) lf the answer is yes, then becoming an IPTV Reseller at ZONTAFIPTV provides you with that opportunity.

What is IPTV Reseller?

When you become IPTV reseller you get !PTV Panel to create and sell IPTV Subscription to your clients, through your IPTV Panel you can create 1 Month Subscriptions. 3 Months Subscriptions. 6 Months Subscriptions. 1 Year IPTV Subscriptions.

Devices support IPTV

There are many devices that support IPTV including Samsung & LG Smart TVs, Amazon Firestick & Fire TVs, MAG, !Phone, !Pad, Apple TVs, Kodi, Android Smartphones, Android TVs, Android Boxes, Stbemu, and many other devices.

How does IPTV panel work?

IPTV Resellers Panel works through something called Credit Points
Credit Points are used to activate the IPTV Subscriptions.

How are credit points calculated?

In our Reseller Panel the Credit works are used as below:

1 Month Subscription = 1 Credit Points.

3 Months Subscription = 3 Credit Points.

6 Months Subscription = 6 Credit Points.

12 Months Subscription =12 Credit Points.

Advantages of becoming IPTV Reseller

At ZONTAFIPTV, we provide the best IPTV Resellers price, with a very easy-to-use IPTV Panel. In Addition, you don’t need any equipment to become IPTV Reseller, you can access your own panel and activate the IPTV subscriptions using your Smartphone or your Laptop. Working in IPTV Industry is very easy, flexible working whenever and wherever you want. Therefore, you don’t need to leave your current job.

120 Credits




240 Credits




600 Credits




1200 Credits